ovos photography

controversial jellyfish

reach out and touch faith

picture of you

inside the cathedral

@ casablanca


@ meknes

urban shapes


iron inside

street busker @ dublin

iruben me

cycling @ amsterdam

colors of fun

urban silhouette @ stockolm

under the snow you'll get a fiat 500

... and then there was “reincarnation” @ rome

I was walking around the monumental graveyard - il verano - in rome when suddenly, look what i came across: a cat laying down on a grave with - et expecto resurrectionem - was written on it. well, I got close to the grave and quietly got ready to snap. it was funny because I immediately thought about the reincarnation! actually I made a mistake because it probably would have been better if I had waited for the cat to wake up and to see him arching his back like after a long, big sleep... unfortunately he did not give me a second chance.

summer fun: something went wrong @ stochkolm

colors of dublin

life in the medina (old city)

@ casablanca

waiting for praying...

@ casablanca

heaven's door

@ casablanca


@ rabat

in the shadow of the moon

@ fes

life's too short to drink bad wine

is it true? I think so!

ready to run

shot @ edificio do banespa

while the sun falls

into the fog

into the fog early in the morning

urban infinity

amazing sight

holding a pint @ São Paulo

Holding a pint of Guinness @ São Paulo

blue before black

just before the black...

moonwalk @ seville